Our Story

Our Story

A cup of TEA FOR you.

The one who succeeds seeks solutions; meanwhile, the one who fails seeks excuses.

I, who started from scratch, have cultivated my dream by my own and kept my feet on the ground toward the future.

When I was not mid- twenty yet, I worked from an assistant of keeping shop to the superintendent of the enterprise of the well-known beef noodle's chain store. What's more, after passing and skipping the grade of qualification, I have created the astounding accomplishment of my branches. Because of being certain about commercial opportunity, I made up my mind to do pioneering work without hesitation in my twenty- eight, making an over ten million dollars splendid record of each store per year. Therefore, I realized a point that is challenge yourself to succeed from every experiential process and carry on striving for.

"Love" makes future multicolored.

As the saying goes, "It is vital to put oneself in another's place". For over 20 years, with sincerity and the management of family concept, I have considered hundreds of companions as my family. I own not only the responsibility, but also the great duty to be concerned with all my partners' development and learning; in addition, I conduct the entire with love. It seems simple, but I am unwilling to be ordinary, facing myself and confronting the prospects bravely. The resolution comes after the decision; likewise, the future is in our hands. Eventually, T4 was established in 2004.